Abyss of Darkness

Abyss of DarknessSinking into the black abyss of despair the laughter has died and no one cares, the tears of the shattered heart have long since dried there are none left to be cried, Only the blackness awaits a tunneling gate to destroy the soul that doesn’t seem to care anymore, all is left for the world to see is the shell that remains broken and beaten with nothing left to give, the shattered dreams dry like the sand in the desert.
Swallowed by the Darkness the painful memories are no longer there the happy times bring only despair as the wild night drives the lost soul deeper into the black abyss of despair, where nothing and no one will care. Cold and alone huddled in the dark the painful memories of happier times depart shattering the last remaining strength of a dream that came to late.
Die the whisper against the torn remnants of a shattered heart, so simple so clear you do not deserve to be here all the destruction and all the pain the remaining laughter is all the same hallow and empty with only faked joy as the day grows closer the the Abyss of Darkness takes it away.

Storm of Lies

  A Storm blowing across the sea

A rage for all to see

Taking away the sanity

There is no laughter in me

Tormented by the dream

That yesterday could be

Tomorrow will not come

Nothing left to do but run

Tears fall without check

The loneliness

The lack of respect

Tormented threw the skies

Looking in his blue eyes

The truth is where it lies

Secrets to be despised

Along stream of ties

Broken by the lies

There is no truth accept

     For what Dies

Yellow Rose By Elizabeth Marie Angel Dedicated to Robert

Soft yellow petals, scented gold

Big blue eyes the color of cornflowers

Soft golden strands that fall through your hand

An angel face a boy never a man

Death would come at his own hand

Trembling pain a young girl knows

Unbearable grief that shows

Tears falling from a pair of hazel eyes

No one hears the sorrowful cries

Deep and shattering in the soul

Not understanding what is told

Broken heart and shattered dreams

Silence answers a young girls screams

At bay the night

The soft lyrics can be heard

Love Bites the name of the song

Giggles and kisses love just a word

All would die in a single night

And grief born would take flight

The only reminder a single rose

Soft and yellow as it grows

The delicate petals are all that stands

Between tears and grief one boys hand

Gentle to the touch soft and pure

All that is left are the memories

And the silent cries never heard

Memories remain of a warm spring day

When laughter and love were there to stay

Gentle hands that held on tight hoping to keep

at bay the night.

Dreams of a Dreamer

Sleep comes in the darkest hours taking away all the fears and leaving only tomorrows dreams to be answered, yet the lingering taste of yesterdays kiss still sweetens the softness of thy lips, only with the bliss filled dreams of what once was do you remember what can be the gentle flutter of the first signs of life the soft whispers of promises of tomorrows, the tears that fall against the silky skin as the beautiful process of dreams begins. The gentle touch of a calloused hand and the trembling of the first kiss. There is no darkness in the world of dreams where anything that was can be and anything that can be is. We travel the roads that we were destined to travel often dreaming of places where we never thought to unravel.