Abyss of Darkness

Abyss of DarknessSinking into the black abyss of despair the laughter has died and no one cares, the tears of the shattered heart have long since dried there are none left to be cried, Only the blackness awaits a tunneling gate to destroy the soul that doesn’t seem to care anymore, all is left for the world to see is the shell that remains broken and beaten with nothing left to give, the shattered dreams dry like the sand in the desert.
Swallowed by the Darkness the painful memories are no longer there the happy times bring only despair as the wild night drives the lost soul deeper into the black abyss of despair, where nothing and no one will care. Cold and alone huddled in the dark the painful memories of happier times depart shattering the last remaining strength of a dream that came to late.
Die the whisper against the torn remnants of a shattered heart, so simple so clear you do not deserve to be here all the destruction and all the pain the remaining laughter is all the same hallow and empty with only faked joy as the day grows closer the the Abyss of Darkness takes it away.

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