Bloody Tiles By Elizabeth Marie Angel

          The pull to give in to the need

                 The darkness grips

              Pulls towards the painful end

               How to survive the rip

         That has left behind a life in shreds

                Disseminated the hope

               Dreams that are no more

          Tearing pain rip through

         As the tormented stood on the edge

              Of the abyss ready to dive

       Into the dark it consumes the soul

                  There is no laughter

                   There is only pain

                 Like an open vein

        Open a vein, is that the answer

                Fall away from this shell

         Let the essence of life flow

         From the gapping wound

            Spill onto the stones

              Crimson a tide of pain

            Wash away the blood

               Flow from the body

         The torn remnants of a soul

      Fall away in the thick splatter

              Blood as it drains

          There is only peace

          Floods as life ends

             Seeping darkness

        Shallowness of breath

           There is no more


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