Yellow Rose By Elizabeth Marie Angel Dedicated to Robert

Soft yellow petals, scented gold

Big blue eyes the color of cornflowers

Soft golden strands that fall through your hand

An angel face a boy never a man

Death would come at his own hand

Trembling pain a young girl knows

Unbearable grief that shows

Tears falling from a pair of hazel eyes

No one hears the sorrowful cries

Deep and shattering in the soul

Not understanding what is told

Broken heart and shattered dreams

Silence answers a young girls screams

At bay the night

The soft lyrics can be heard

Love Bites the name of the song

Giggles and kisses love just a word

All would die in a single night

And grief born would take flight

The only reminder a single rose

Soft and yellow as it grows

The delicate petals are all that stands

Between tears and grief one boys hand

Gentle to the touch soft and pure

All that is left are the memories

And the silent cries never heard

Memories remain of a warm spring day

When laughter and love were there to stay

Gentle hands that held on tight hoping to keep

at bay the night.

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