An Empty Shore

It is only when the light goes dim and the pain recedes that the meaning of it all can be seen, each step taken is destinies choice with the laughter and dreams of an echoing voice, as the waters push the tide back into the sea the empty shore can be seen full once more with all that is dreamed and all that is need. The push of the waves against the sand, the sweet scent of salt water achingly sweet and dreams that fall hand in hand.

An empty shore devoid of sand the loneliness that gets out of hand, the call of a the birds that sing in the sky the laughter of children coming from near by, along the wharf where the sea gulls dance the passage of laughter and happen stance, time for dreams and time for laughter time to renew the life that we all want to see. An empty shore no more will be the sadness and loneliness and bleak but a place to renew and rejuvenate the life we lead

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