So I go to my therapist tonight and he tells me that my trust issues are my own decision, o.k. I can buy off on that to a point but then he tries to justify what happened to me by saying that "David" was sick, yeah he was sick fucking freak who got off on a child come on, he was sick what kind of shit is that to tell someone who has been victimized by someone? And I have trust issues because I chose too? Yeah I choose too fuckin a right why should I trust anyone who is willing to believe that he is sick justifies what was done to me?Needless to say I will not be going back to see this particular therapist frankly if that is all he has to offer in the way of trying to help me I am better off on my own. He is Sick give me a god damn break sick is someone who hears voices in there head tell them to do these things not someone who makes the decision to do them.

Trust is my problem? Damn straight when every man in my life has betrayed my trust in one way or another come on how can you expect me to trust? Even my own father has betrayed my trust and if a girl can’t trust her dad who can she trust. Ok getting tired will write more later

One thought on “Trust

  1. I so get it and I understand. In just a little over a year I read you have grown and will continue to GROW. Kudos to YOU! And Trust is always a big one for most of us on EARTH. I just want to say Thank you for sharing with me , I am truly honored. Also I would like to say You found a smart , healthy and ELOQUENT way to get Better and Stronger. I would like to say you earned, “Three DIVA snaps and a YOU GO GIRL!!!!”

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