My Little Angel

I stand today with the world changing around me my heart still aches today just as it did on the day that you left my life. Twenty one years have passed since the day you left my life and it still hurts to know that you are not a part of my life. I look at pictures of your father and your brothers and sister and I wonder what kind of a brother would you have been? would you have loved them and looked out for them like a good big brother, would you have had a relationship with your biological father as well as your adopted father? would you have laughed at your mother for being so silly about having you in her life. when I close my eyes I see you still with your dark hair and brown eyes and I wonder if any part of you would look like me? Would your father have wanted you had you survived would he have been a part of your life even though he was not a part of mine. I miss you my little angel everyday I think about you and wonder how much we could have shared with you.