When judgement comes

The sounds of raport echoing through the empty streets,cries fill the ears of the huddled masseshiding behind thier blinds,they close their eyes blocking out the screams their hands over their ears,the desperate cries that will haunt them for years.Stepping causually off the curb over the puddle of blood that was purged running in a crimson tide<span  beneath their feet they ignore it and retreat into the safety of their homes and the protection of their lives they are humans in disguise pretending to be something more than what they are as they pass the broken body in their shinny car, eyes straight ahead no recognition of the dead, casually they drive along listening to the radio’s happy song all the while their soul slip away deeper into a darkness they cant escape, this is the life of the innocent bystandered the witness t o a crime, the prisoner who goes through life blind, does not see and is not kind, a shell of a being in human form, what is more terrible than to see a crime committed and then to flee, hiding behind the mortar walls not carring who death calls, a coward who trembles beneath his bed while an innocent lies on the streets bathed in red. So go on and hide and do not see for when judgement comes it comes for thee!

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