The Future

Forever in time I walk the path alone in my mind where no one can trespass, the secrets that I keep are for me alone to know the past and to take them home, I close my eyes at night and wonder where in the world I will tomorrow blunder as I travel this road of uncertainty I reach out to find what most can not see.

Tomorrow is my only hope the truth of the future I dare not hope as I close my eyes and look forward I only see that the darkness is all around me. In quiet expectation of the simple truth where dreams and time pass through there is only one  chance that we will find the answer to tomorrow in our mind. Closing your eyes and seeking the past will only continue to confirm the mistakes we made at last. Dreams of the future are where we should hide where tomorrow is the serpent and we are in for a ride. prepare and fight for the dreams of tomorrow where only the truth and none of the sorrow.

My hopes are strong as I continue on each day a passing event the past melts away and
the future looms brighter than the stars that shine in the sky, as I remember why I began this journey into tomorrows world I remind myself that the gift I bring is to give insight into who I am and who we are we travel alone so much of the time that when we find that person who truly gets us and understands that our message is one that needs to be told we must remind ourselves that though tomorrow has not been told we can see the future in the distance of the horizon.

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