Where did Hope go???

The untold story of something new, a world yet seen by me or you.We travel through life with blinders on wondering where the hope has gone. outside the window of the small house sirens are heard as they race about. A child dies, a mother cries and people wonder where the hope has gone. Into the wind it rides high hiding from man whose only wish is life. Not riches or gold or even a car just enough to eat for the baby in his wife’s arms. Where does the hope go? that is the question we all ask when tomorrow we wake and remember the past, where flags flew high in the sky and children laughed as they race by, the peddles and their legs pumping fast and furious where has the hope gone is all around us.

They seem not to care when we are all laid bare, the death is meaningless when no one seems to care. Another child lost in the system because mommy and daddy could not listen. Alone we sit in our vacant lives not hearing the moans, screams and cries. Where did the hope go we wonder to ourselves as more and more we are put onto shelves, hiding the pain feel inside where tomorrows dreams have finally died. Where did the hope go we wonder all around looking for answers that are not to be found.

The hope we had as a nation and people the hope we had as small children in the steeple, the crushing blow that is our own where damage is done and we have no home. There is only one step to take to bring back hope that is ours to retake and that is fate strong and true where tomorrow will cross in a day or two. with the power of love and the hearts so pure even the man will get up off the floor. Each step forward not a step back we can still hear the words of the question we asked, “Where did hope go?” we scream and shout into the past with no answer about.

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