Broken dreams

To dream seems to be only for the damned, things you want and can not have. The torment of knowing that deep in the dream where anything is possible there will be only one scene. Something strong we can not hide and no matter how much you want can not have. Dark hair soft as silk and warm lips that make you melt these are the torment of your mind the things you can’t have the things you can’t find. Dreams unfulfilled linger in your mind with the wants and needs of another time. Where it passes you do not know but for certain there is only one show, the torment we dream of things we desire when there is nothing left only the fire. To close your eyes and dream of things that where once yours and no longer seems to be a special kind of hell where what you feel is like an empty shell. So we close our eyes and dream of things that can never be because life steals those dreams broken but real.

2 thoughts on “Broken dreams

  1. With tears in my eyes I say thank you for your gifts that you see and words you have given to me. that will haunt my heart tell all falls to the sea…..

    • no greater praise can be heard than that of someone who loves the words with great joy and humility your words sing to me. I smile and know that in many ways we are kindred souls, our words are our emotion our praise and our devotion as they will always be until the end of days

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