Where Eternity Dies

We stand on the brink of darkness where eternity lies, with dreams out of reach and hope that dies. we march to the beat of the stagnate drum looking for a reason to laugh, play and run. the beat keeps us moving forever forward towards an ending we are unsure of. Eternity a place of possibilities or is it? we keep our feet firmly on the ground, always marching to that droning sound, one foot in front of the other until we are all in line marching in step keeping time.

We pass through our lives with blinders on never seeing what is so wrong, we never step on the cracks fear that eternity will pass. Always searching and never finding our bliss, one step forward and two steps back the darkness is never ending as we search for the crack.There is no time we must move on looking and searching as we miss the song, we dance in darkness that never dies searching and reaching past the lies.

The dimensions of change are never ending as darkness is always descending, wrapping around like a warm blanket to absorb the hope so that we have to fake it. The darkness claws at our mortal souls as we stand at the edge of the abyss. the darkest place we can not see this is the space we will never leave, one more step into the black there is no where to go no looking back as we enter where eternity dies there is no hope only lies.

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