Life’s Dance


silver and gold glittering bright, stars that shine dancing through the night, loneliness goes on and on without a fight and time moves on no end in sight. Deep dark secrets that are never shared with only a moment of time to spare, looking at yesterday long and drawn out, a broken heart and pain are the only route. Time stands still for no one they say we live and we die, all of us heading toward a grave. Dreams are broken some never come true but always there is a price that comes due. so we live and laugh although the pain is real, we hide it behind our mask pretending not feel, some answers are yes and some are no but each moment we live we know the place we go. from the moment of our first breath we are marching along headed toward certain death, one foot forward we wander this world, it happens so fast just a swirl of a dance and we are through. It is the dance of life we live one that is expected to give whether long or short it is what we do, we live life’s dance and then we are through.

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