Where I am from!!!

I am from the desert so dry the earth cracks, where the seasons dont exist. Where you can drive 45 minutes north and be surrounded by ponderosa pines.I am from a place where water is scarce yet the earth still produces beauty. Where the painted desert and the mountains meet in the middle.I am from the land of blue sky as far as the eye can see, where tumble weeds dance across the landscape and saguaro, barrel and jumping cactus dot the land. I am from horny toads and Gila monsters, from the Apache and the Navajo. I am from where the salt river runs freely and Roosevelt lake is always too low for a boat.

I am from 120 degrees in the summer time and 75 degrees in the winter, from Phoenix and flagstaff and all parts in between. I am from the road runner and the diamond back from bears and coyotes. I am from John Joseph and Johnny Dale, From Daniel and Anthony. I am from Judy, Lillian and Elora, from Betty and Esther and Dinah. I am from Italia, Romania, Germany and the Cherokee.I am from small town America where copper is a commodity and life moves at a snails pace. Where cowboys and bikers work side by side. I am from a welder and a cook, from a laborer and a cop. I am from rock and roll and gospel music, from baby’s got her blue jeans on to Sweet child of mine. I am from timber camp and round tables and bonfires burning at night.

I am from three tubs and cattle ranchers, from the northern rim of the grand canyon to the border of mexico where the desert is so hot that your blood can boil. I am from believers in God and believers in nothing, I am from the excommunicated and the newly baptized. I am from the heart of mother earth, I feel her heart beat in mine. From the beginning of space and the ending of time, I am from mother earth her soul is wrapped in mine. I am from bikers and cowboys, gypsy’s and hippies. I am from love and laughter, great food and great music. From love and hope and arguments not meant to be won, from the sane and insane and all those in between. I am from Mom and Dad, yes sir and no ma’am, from excuse me and thank you. I am from mother earth where all life begins and ends.

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