Eternity is all we have

We walk along the shady lanes of life, looking and searching seeing only strife. Our paths cross many roads, some paved and some dirt, we travel and travel with no end in sight. Ten steps into the dark and we run for the light, always searching for something not within our sight. The wind blows howling in the dark pushing us farther and farther from the light, the tunnel we begin to see is never ending, and goes on and on for eternity.

We rise when we are knocked from our feet searching long and deep for the strength to continue to travel on this unknown road. Our world grows smaller and darker with each passing year, only the hope that tomorrow may bring back the light keeps us here. The paths are broken, the words go unspoken as we pass each other in the dark, we do not see that pain we feel reflected in each others eyes. Watching and waiting we come to understand that we are destined to travel this land forever searching for a place to land.

As we trek through the mountains and the deserts searching for answers that will not hurt we come to understand that Eternity is all we have, in this life and the next we are doomed to repeat each life until we get it right.

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