The fairy of life

Wonder is the devil to a creative mind, impossible to shut off and forget the things that were left behind, never knowing if what is now is real or if yesterday has somehow created the cloud. It is close to the surface and yet just out of reach the pain still lingers and happiness weeps. Tears from blue/green eyes fall like the rains from the skies, their are not answers to the questions left behind only the raw ache of a life over before their time, we wonder sometimes can they see do they know the pain that we feel and why healing is so slow.

We close our eyes and hope for a glimpse an answer to the question upon the soft rose lips, in the darkness we cry and wonder why, when life is so fleeting are we left behind? Is it by chance or design that we are given such pain? There are no answers only our truths that we live with as we walk along the lonely darkened beaches of life, we pass each others strangers who also cry and we wonder why? Finding no solace that we are not alone in our grief only the truth that no one else can see what we see so plainly in the black of the night.

Lost in the creative mind we search for the tide that will take away the pain we ride like the electric horse up the mountains so high, there is no end in sight for these lonely nights that wrap us up tight and hide us from the light. Only tomorrow will bring relief at least that is what they say personally I think it is decay that wipes away the pain we carry as we ride the fairy of life.

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