Twist in Time

The hands move, the slow clicking sound of the clock changing time, each second a breath that passes as quickly as it came, and yet no time has passed at all. Mirrored eyes looking through the broken glass see only the slow motion of hands that move with each beat of the heart, there are no words only the sharp undeniable hands of time, twisting with each movement forward the past and present into one moment.

Journey at the beginning time moves quickly so fast that it can not be seen and yet it stands still never changing always at its will, the twist in time will reveal the truth about what is.Tomorrow and yesterday only parts of the play what is, what was and what will be all in the path of time, each twist and turn the hands continue moving steadily forward as if nothing is new.

the deafening sounds of the clicking clock echos off the walls of the world leading never following always moving forward never back. The wind whispers and the rain falls and still time marches to its own beating drum, keeping all moving away from the beginning and always to the end. In the end the twist in time keeps moving forward.