Dear Mom

I decided that since I am currently the evil ungrateful child at least for this week I would write this on here for you, perhaps you will see it perhaps you wont but then it doesn’t matter because I write this for me more than for you.

46 years should have taught you how stubborn I truly am, and how easily it is for me to get dug in and not give up an inch when I know I am right. You seem to be under the misconception that I would allow you to continue to treat me the way you do. No I do not believe in your God or bible. You should be proud you are the one who taught me to think for myself instead you through it up in my face that I do not believe in the things you do. to that I say HAHAHAHAHAHAHA….. your so funny.

As for the kind of parent I am, I think despite my up bringing I am a pretty damn good parent with kids who are awesome young men. But wait you wouldn’t know about that because you have chosen not to be apart of their lives. Your choice to go on the road with Dick head had far reaching effects. Taking you out of the lives of not only your children but your grandchildren. NOT once in 21 years have you ever made the effort to be there for the kids in ANY way. I do not say this because I expect it to change, I say this because its the simple truth.

I needed you and you were not there, so I moved forward, I raised my boys to be awesome young men who respect me and who are loving and kind and generous. But you would not know that because YOU CHOSE to not be there for them to get to know them, even now I invite you for something special and you don’t come because HE doesn’t want too, I find it odd that HE will let you go to see HIS kids but your kids HELL NO, why? Because we don’t like him and we make no bones about it because he is an ABUSIVE dick who keeps you from us? HMMMMM Wonder how he would feel if his Mother hooked up with someone who beat her, pointed guns in her face and treated her like she was nothing more than cattle to be used and abused for his own pleasures and needs. Bet that person would not be in his mamma’s life for long.

But lets address some of the things you have said to me in this last round of make Beba feel badly about herself. “You let your kids drink and God only knows what else you let them do” REALLY??? I Mean REALLY MAMMA you wanna through the fact that my 21 year old son drinks and that I allow my 17 year old to drink because I AM THERE supervising him instead of him out drinking with his idiot friends doing who knows what and putting his life in danger? Hmm mm let me see, I was 7 years old the first time I smoked a joint that YOU provided me, so that you and Dad could party with Sandy and Wayne in peace and we would not be a problem. HAHAHAHA yeah thought I forgot about that No but hey that’s cool selective memory thy name is Judy……

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