There are no words!

July 11th the day before your 30th birthday we lost a young man who had so much potential, he took his own life at only 16 years old and it felt like I had lost the the grief so deep that I could only let the tears fall as I knew his mama was feeling such bone shattering pain at the loss of her baby. I do not know how to begin to explain the utter helplessness that I felt learning about his passing especially on the day before I lost you my sweet boy. How do I tell her that time will heal her pain when I know it wont. I refuse to sugar coat it for her time will not ease that pain and time will not lesson it. The loss of a child no matter the age or the time in life when it happens never leaves you, whether you loose them before birth or when they are grown it is a pain you live with daily. You learn to function and move forward but you never truly heal from the pain and it is something that you carry every day of your life until you are reunited with them in another realm. How many mamas have suffered the loss of their child only to be told to get over it. You dont get over it, you never st4op grieving it is different for everyone but you grieve for eternity. Anyways I am sorry I didn’t get to wish you a happy birthday my baby I was other wise engaged but you were in my heart and on my mind. Happy Birthday Robert Damien I wish you were here so I could see your beautiful face.

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