Men In Blue

I wrote this a while back for an officer that worked with my husband, today it seems a good day to revive it since we lost another officer today, Peace be with you and Blessed be on your journey home fallen hero!

Men in Blue By Elizabeth Angel
May 6, 2011 – 8:12 am

Shots echo off the walls the sirens scream as duty calls, a gun and a badge these are their tools, all that protects from the evil that would rule. A quick representation of glory and god and all is lost shot down it is so wrong.Beneath the pristine blue they wear is still a heart but no one cares.Crimson tide flows from them just like any other human, protecting and serving that is their call,they do it for their families they do it for us all. A life for a life they are willing to give so that one person afraid might still live.To protect and serve is the matto they swear each one of us they are willing to carry. Their rewards are few lousy pain and hard work when last call is read a flag and a book.They are remembered only when they fall another hero dies it is a loss for us all. They may not be blood family true but when one bleeds they all bleed blue. Remember them for the good that they do what they stand for me and for you,they do not achieve glory the way that some do but they are strong valiant and true.They are police officers the first line of defense the ones who do not straddle the fence, when justice is needed and help is required it is the Officer in the line of fire.For all that they are and for all that they do, remember them, they are the men in blue!

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