The Land before me!

I do not recognize this place I see, this home I have known for an eternity.

Each day that passes the chances to heal seem farther away and less real.

Is it because I dream now of what is real the lies told did not take hold.

I listen and I hear my brothers and sisters for the first time and I understand

that it was their cry that awakened me from this deep slumber of deniability.

I do not recognize this land I love as we move away from truth and facts

and I wonder if we are truly on our backs.

I see the flag that once held meaning to me for those I loved who fought overseas and

I see not the heroism and love that it meant only the blood that it shed

there is no path forward if we are all not there.

So I raise my voice for all to hear, We will not let them win with hate and fear, open our eyes

and we will see that our brothers and sisters are there standing besides us hand in hand

and we will together make this the land that is truly meant to be Free.

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