About Elizabeth


What can I say about myself I love to write it is my passion aside from my family which means more to me than anything. I dream crazy things and put them on paper maybe someday someone will actually take what I say seriously and understand that I have alot to say in the words that I write.

I have two children both boys ages 19-16 they are great kids and I am blessed with a wonderful husband who has changed not only himself but me for the better. I am lucky enough to have both of my parents still very much alive and in my life and a wonderful mother-n-law to add balance to everything!

I am not a religious person infact you could say that I am quiet the opposite but not in the sense that I am not spiritual I believe in the world around me and in the inherant powers of the human spirit. I am in most opinions a Witch and they would be right. I do not believe that Christ was God on earth, I believe he was a man who could harness the magic of the world around him and I do not believe that one God created the world when there are so many contradictory theories out there. I do not believe in limiting my view of the world to one perspective, I think that is how we wind up in the middle of a war that has gone on too long and should be ended before more American lives are lost! I am a Patriot through and through I believe in this country and the red,white and blue.

I love Football, especially on a high school level it is great to watch kids go out onto a field and battle for nothing more than the love of the game. I am a daughter I love and respect my parents and their views as well as my grandparents and their views even if they do not coinside with mine. I love music of all types with the exception of my rap music there are limited artist in that genre that I care for truthfully only three that I truely like. I love old school rock 60’s on some of the best music the world has ever heard. I love great movies the ones that will make you jump in your chair one minute and cry the next or laugh so hard her stomach hurts.

So this is who I am and I am excited to explore more here and get to know some people and to share my writing with you all!

ALL RIGHTS Reserved by Elizabeth Angel 2009

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