24th Birthday

Life is full of contrition but are we at all contrite in the world we live in? the slow stroking hands of time slide slowly moving past us as we wonder where it goes as time passes us so slow, wow your birthday is coming up you are gonna be 24 this year. My little baby who I never got to hold or see laugh, the crystal clear of your eyes problabaly like  mine. Your hair definently a cross between his straight and my curly with smooth skin I picure on your face with his angular nose and full mascaline lips that remind me of him. The old woman told him about you when he was 14 but he didnt believe it. July is sneaking up on me so quickly that I am not even sure how to batte the tears that I know are going to come. I just wish that he could cry with me as I cry missing you in my arms, he pretends it doesnt matter, he wont tell his wife becasue she would think  I want him back, I have set a goal for my self bay, one year, it will take me one year to feel good about myself again and then i am going to see him. For you baby I hope that he tells his wife when it is all said and done. Until then I count down the days until the day you were born ~ Mommy~