Midnight Song

Whispering winds caressing the soft velvet skin, the call of the tide as it rises from the sea the blanket of sand beneath bare feet, long lonely nights with no end in sight the soft touch of the moon as it rises in full bloom a glistening dome in heavens home lighting the way for the lonely heart. The laughter of the sea dancing through the winds singing and calling with out any end, cries unheard of the distant bird, the laughter taunting on the warm midnight breeze. The midnight song that sings to all, joining in the rapture of life as the trees dance beneath the night sky. Sparkling diamonds twinkling high laughing at the dance of the night, the swaying of the trees as they dance upon the warm breeze the call of the night that draws all out and into the moons bright shinning light. The midnight song plays for us all carrying away the past and leaving only the moments of happiness that are meant to last.

A New Out Look

Sitting in the quiet recesses of my home I look at events over the last weekend and I have to wonder to myself who that person was, am I truly so far gone from myself that I must resort to such a thing? I know that there are answers to be had and questions that must be raised but I am not going to fade into nothingness once more simply because some people do not wish to hear my truths, I suffer as many do from a disease, the details are not important nor are the particulars of what occurred(for the sake of my children it is kept quiet) needless to say that somewhere between desperation and crushing destruction,I found a new out look on life, it is meant to live not to sit by and wallow in what ever self righteous fury that may come out of the end results, whether I chose to speak of my disease or whether i chose to share it with only those who must know is my decision and mine alone. There is love in my world that is generated not by obligation or forced need but by a true and genuine heart, it took me a while to realize that life's blessings though they may be few and far between are truly wonderful and I count myself lucky and blessed to have known such love. There are those who do not understand and who will never truly understand the rate of disintegration the mind can take unless they have walked a million miles in the shoes of someone who has felt it. There are no excuses only explanations for those who are deserving of such and for the rest who care only about a perceived slight or a perceived show of disrespect then I suggest you look at your own lives and start cleaning house there for I have no time or energy to play nurse maid to heal your perceived hurts for something that was out of my control.

An Empty Shore

It is only when the light goes dim and the pain recedes that the meaning of it all can be seen, each step taken is destinies choice with the laughter and dreams of an echoing voice, as the waters push the tide back into the sea the empty shore can be seen full once more with all that is dreamed and all that is need. The push of the waves against the sand, the sweet scent of salt water achingly sweet and dreams that fall hand in hand.

An empty shore devoid of sand the loneliness that gets out of hand, the call of a the birds that sing in the sky the laughter of children coming from near by, along the wharf where the sea gulls dance the passage of laughter and happen stance, time for dreams and time for laughter time to renew the life that we all want to see. An empty shore no more will be the sadness and loneliness and bleak but a place to renew and rejuvenate the life we lead