Why I didn’t tell

The path I Chose was a hard one to be sure, my Family a place I never felt secure. I did not tell until much later because of so many reasons the biggest was fear, I know my parents Love me that was never in doubt but the reality of the abuse was something they would not believe. I think about it quit a bit and I know that even as I sit here writing this that they would never understand the Pain I went through or accept that it is real. To call it denial is an understatement the belief that someone so traumatized will tell is a fantasy. What people do not understand that the trauma of being used in such a Way literally destroys a part of who you are a part of you that can never be recovered. I tried to explain it in so many different ways and it boils down to a tearing at the very Fabric of your soul. with the revelations of my family I began to wonder how we can end a cycle that goes back Generations! I think that by telling my story and how it has shaped me into the woman I have become.

I am still an American

I am still an American, I am different than you! I am still an American even though I vote blue, I am still an American but you don’t Care you use my differences that is not fair. I am still an American but you don’t see there are not as many differences between you and me. I want the same things that I know you do to live in peace and still vote blue. I am an American but I am not heard, I am not alone in the things I need but no one cares to let me be heard. I am an American just like you but you ignore me because I vote blue!