My Husband

The soft gentle snores of a man past exhaustion, a solider for good he finally lays his head down to sleep, taking care of so many he forgets about himself taking care of everything making sure no one is left out. His strength I stand in awe of, his kindness and his soul bring me greatest joys, he makes me laugh and makes me cry and yet I would hate to loose that sleeping noise. He is the gentlest of men kind and caring even as he stands facing evil to protect our family. He hides his feelings keeping them close to his chest not letting anyone see except me, and for that I am blessed. Forgiving all that would cause him harm he is a man of honor and charm, adoring and faithful, kind and true this is the man that I once thought I knew. Changing for me so that I am not afraid he gives me such joy in the choices we have made.

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