In a Flash

Standing at the junction of life looking as most due for the right path, where confidence and belief are restored and the dreams of the night do not go ignored. Indifference is the norm people shuffling around forgetting what it is all about. There is no laughter anymore, lost in the anger and pain of worry and fear. Yet as I sit hear I know that I am the luckiest of women to have what I have and not fear loosing it everyday that I wake. So why do I feel this heavy weight weighing me down? How to change the frown? Looking for answers to the questions i can not wrap my head around wondering my when we always gained ground. Not entirely certain of the outcome but tomorrow is supposed to be fun, and yet hear I sit writing this poem unable to sleep for fear of the dream.

What is the point? this is the question I ask, people do not give of themselves but expect to be remembered and given handouts they do not deserve. The unforgettable days of our past long since brushed away bring fond memories in a flash and yet they can not last. Crushing desperation leading to this feeling the weight of the world unable to explain, we stand at a cross roads but what will be gained and what will be lost as yet to be seen or discussed. A child cries for help go unanswered a family is down and out and yet still stand in gods house, men looking for money to pay for their politics on the backs of those are struggling just to make ends meet. Do they bother to offer help to the man, woman or child on the street?


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