Dear America

I have been quietly reflecting on the things that we saw over the weekend, things that should not have happened. I have watched and read feeds and comments from all of my friends and family. Varying opinions from the far right to the far left and everything in between.

I have silently sat back and observed a lot of different opinions and a lot of hateful remarks and snide comments and a varying spectrum of bitterness and anger. This did not just start this has been going on for generations. It has never been a huge secret that there are racial problems in this country they have always been there, it is only in the last 9 years that we have seen once again a rise in the calls for equality. Should we silence the voices of ANY American seeking equality for the sake of peace?

So to all my staunch supporters of Trump friends you are right this is not something that Trump started but it is something that by his in action has condoned, the fact that only after the vast majority of his party called upon him to condemn the racist neo-Nazi, nationalist and KKK extremist parties who were by the way jumping for glee when he did not directly condemn their actions is what people are seeing as his supporting these right wing nut jobs. I am not attacking you I am explaining from a left side what they are seeing. Is it true, probably not, but that is what they see.

They see a president who is more concerned with his agenda than the state of the people in his country and uniting us as we should be instead of keeping us divided. Oh don’t worry I am not done, I have somethings to say to the left as well, but I would add this to what I am saying to you. Take a very close look at the man you support, pay attention to what is really happening even behind closed doors and remember that which is done in the dark will always come out in the light.

To my left leaning folks out there, I hear what you are saying and some of it I agree completely with, but you see I can’t help but think that while I am watching what you are doing since the election has been to attack. You have marched through the streets wearing vaginas on your heads and screamed and gotten in the faces of anyone who does not agree with your agenda either. What is so different than you from those Neo-Nazi terrorists that were marching this past weekend in Charlottesville? Because you are right? Why? You all want to blame this on Donald Trump but these issues were there when Obama was in office and you know it. Why were you not crying out for him to stop the violence that was occurring in Ferguson, or Boston or any of the other places where riots and hate were being spewed? Because he was your president? Well I hate to tell you this but He sucked.

You want Trump to denounce racists and hate groups like the KKK and yet when rioters were burning down the cities of Ferguson, or Baltimore or any of the other cities that have had riots in the last 8 years Obama was strangely silent. He did not condemn their actions he did not call it what it was hate. Is that going to heal a racial divide that he fostered with this silence? You know it won’t, no one group is right here both have to look at what they are doing and quite frankly quit acting like spoiled children toughing temper tantrums because they did not get their way and start trying to make real changes the right way.

Do we need to stand together against racists hell yes, we do, do we need to ensure that ALL AMERICANS whether they are pink, purple, black, brown or white are all treated equally? Absolutely should we allow ANYONE spewing hate for another race to do so on American Soil NO we should not, this includes groups that are not white you know like Nation of Islam or the New Black Panthers, these groups while they want the right things their Ideologies do not work if we are to have a truly equal society.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.”

These lines right here say everything that we all want to say and that we all believe are true, NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. And we all have the right to pursue a life that makes us and our families happy. These are things that we all want and can believe in. Whether you are leaning to the right or the left or down the middle these are all things we want. But how do we get that and acknowledge that when we have so much division in this country? The idea that people who believe in different things can come together for one cause that they all believe in and hold to be a truth for all human beings is not a foreign concept it is the very foundation in which this country was built on. In a war that saw the deaths of many Americans at the hands of our oppressors the English Crown, Americans in the first 13 came together and fought side by side to gain our independence, standing strong against the crown and winning our freedom to build our country the way we saw fit and have the freedoms that we believed that every man, woman and child should have.

They did not stipulate that you had to have white skin, or blue eyes or pink hair, it said ALL MEN, to include anyone of color. And yet here we sit once again, thrown back to a time when things were not equal and people were hostile towards any kind of change that might interfere with their ideology. This has to do with more than just statues in the town square or the acknowledgement of racism in this country. I think that removing those statues is wrong, but not because I think they are tributes but reminders of what was, what is and what can be if we do one simple thing and that is stand together as Americans and make certain that we keep to the ideals that we started with that All men, women and children no matter their color, religious views, gender and sexual orientation are equal and that we as Americans have the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness where we choose.

At the end of the day do you want to leave the legacy for our children and their children of a country that is so divided that it destroyed itself out of pride or do you want our future generations to look at this country with pride and see what it was we left them? A legacy of justice, equality and hope, not only for their tomorrows but for our tomorrows. We owe it to them to stop the anger and the hate and the constantly growing divide among us all and finally make this country what it is supposed to be. United!

May the Goddess Bless you all and keep you,
Peace, Love and Light

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