Treat Others

Time moves slowly these days, the clocks hands ticking ticking away with each passing day, things move forward with now rhythm or reason, things are changing with each passing season. Violence we see out our shuttered doors, poverty and disease we hide from on wooden floors, a child’s cry we do not hear because we are blind and live in fear. What will tomorrow bring we do not know, but a better life is what we are owed. Politics and hatred fill the air in waves as people only watch and despair. to change things takes courage, to mend and repair takes time. we watch the world turn on a dime, lost are the things that our ancestors used to do replaced by technology that cripples society for the new. When do we stop and say it is enough go back to the time when people were tough, when politics were true and life was the only view. Helping should not be a crime, giving of yourself the only passage of time, helping thy neighbor get through the hard times that have effected even you. Morality yes it is important that is true but what about the basics the simplest of rules, treat others as you would want to be treated.

4 thoughts on “Treat Others

  1. Yes they should live by it. I read your other poem as well. Your welcome and I need feedback on one of my poems as well I would really appreciate it.

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