A Mothers Cries

Late at night when they sleep she sits quietly at their feet. Her Hope’s and dreams are in them a selfless love that has no end. There is no love greater than a mother’s love, even in the night as she weeps her tears, their salty wetness the healing balm washes away their fears. Nothing is more powerful than a mothers tears. The pain they carry has no end when the object of their love is gone, their love and pain still carry on. A mothers tears they shed all the years they are alone a mothers life is no longer her own. When loss comes and takes a seat holding a mothers hand through her grief it is her tears that carry on even when she hears the final song. A mother cries for eternity, for only she understands that deep grief the soul that shatters at the loss of what they love beyond everything in this life. A mother cries many tears in her life but the ones that continue to fall are the ones at the end of it all. He grief unmatched and her loss can not be understood she is a mother for the bad and the good. A mother cries any mother would. A mothers cries her tears are gold her hopes and dreams are what they hold tomorrow will come she knows it is true but a mother cries even for you.

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